Video: Chingy’s Transexual Girlfriend Gets Around,Posed For Pictures With Ludacris,Nicki Minaj & More

by The King on September 19, 2010

Another youngman decided to do some investigation work for this Chingy/Transexual debacle. In the video you see pictures of the transexual with Ludacris,Lisa Ray, Twista, Nicki Minaj, Soulja Boy and many more.

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  • Anonymous

    we need more evidence…bitch look good but who knows…it could be a hoax…. =0

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    Idk why he’s makin such a big deal about that coz it’s not his business but she looks hella good for a tranny.. I can see how men wud be fooled.

  • Jay

    Makell Bird its obvious you are a punk ass hater. Its clear in your pics that most of these rappers are at the same event and this fag is fan struck and posing with anyone they can. If it was me you would have a price on your head bitch! Now that’s what’s up!

  • jj

    Who says their fucking the tgirl? Shes a fan them celebs are just posing for pics fool

  • Anonymous

    so because shes seen chillin and partying with them they all gotta be downlow? do we expect them to hide.? this is stupid. whats her being a transexual gotta do with you or anybody

  • dont trip

    man he str8 up hating fuck his ugly ass that bitch hella fine you scandolus you fuckin umpa loompa mothafucka hahaha it dont matter he mad kuz he aint gettn none haha

  • Anonymous

    to the person who left this comment, you must be gay and like trannies lmao

    “Idk why he’s makin such a big deal about that coz it’s not his business but she looks hella good for a tranny.. I can see how men wud be fooled.”

  • http://demboyzmusic.com sheshinesohard

    2 me , once you’re transexual, you are the sex you changed to period. If a person swims in a lake that used to be a puddle – they still swam in a lake -it doesn’t matter what it started out as. As for the gay thing, If lil wayne kissed a dude in the mouth then says on national t.v. (106 and park ) that the same dude is the only allowed to kiss him. No matter how many tattoos and lyrics about licking cooch they make- when I hear lick you like a lollipop, I think it’s a love song for all the homo thugs -not saying nothing wrong with it- I’m just saying….

  • http://demboyzmusic.com sheshinesohard

    Anotha fun fact- I don’t know who this chick is in these pictures but, after youtubing this foxx chick-IT IS NOT THE FEMALE IN THESE PICTURES. If you youtube her you’ll see that not only does her music suck-she looks exactly like a dude- not this kind nor the Maury povich you ain’t quite sure type- she also has a tattoo on her left breast, which this chick does not. My work here is done – yo demboyz no disrespect but, let me google your stuff for you next time.

  • Morgan

    you are so fucking out of line she is not a dude you fucking idiot she is a woman so what if she was born with a male body if your fat disgusting ass can hook up with a hotter chick show me the fucking evidence i bet you couldn’t get laid for a million fuckin dollars you sick piece of shit! go fuck yourself!

  • Anonymous

    I realize this is late in the game but, what the fuck. This dude is a bigot. Who in the hell are you to judge someone. I really enjoy that his go to world to describe a girlish looking person as a bitch. Nice, your are a class act.

  • Hxdhdh

    I think that you are way too into this like hop of her/him if she is a dude so what you don’t know her and she don’t know you and she probly don’t care cuz what’s a she doin she probly gettin PAID.

  • http://www.ipdisco.xyz list of websites

    If this is a dude, do what. They are 2 human beings that decided to enjoy each one another’s company, what wrong did they do to you? Or are you just trying to keep the homophobic attitude in the music industry alive & kicking. In this day & time, a person’s sexual attraction should be a NON-FACTOR

  • http://www.ipdisco.xyz list of websites

    are you wearing a man bra you fat peice of shit? put a wig on and chingy will tap that ass

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